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disapproval of social system, politics and lifestyle in the usa.
to criticize specific aspects of american politics or society isn't anti-americanism. if so, every us american politician would be anti-american... sounds logical, ehh?!
by marc l. December 09, 2003
A major world religion that gained sudden popularity in mid-2002 in all countries apart from the USA, following the inspired actions of the largely misunderestimated President G W Bush, head of the 'Parents Against Scary Things' society. See also 'sanity'.
US Citizen - Why don't none you folks like us guys no more?

Anyone Else - We've realised that Christianity is a considerably less appealing religion than anti-americanism.
by The Prophet March 19, 2005
taking a stance against the american version of universal stupidity.
by not supporting the patriot act, one of the most unamerican policies ever, one engages in anti-americanism.
by alys March 06, 2004
Disagreeing with America's bullyboy tactics against the world. Not to mention its embarrassingly dim President.
Refusing to fight Iraq
by Bec December 13, 2003