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disapproval of social system, politics and lifestyle in the usa.
to criticize specific aspects of american politics or society isn't anti-americanism. if so, every us american politician would be anti-american... sounds logical, ehh?!
by marc l. December 09, 2003
110 28
Disagreeing with America's bullyboy tactics against the world. Not to mention its embarrassingly dim President.
Refusing to fight Iraq
by Bec December 13, 2003
82 72
A major world religion that gained sudden popularity in mid-2002 in all countries apart from the USA, following the inspired actions of the largely misunderestimated President G W Bush, head of the 'Parents Against Scary Things' society. See also 'sanity'.
US Citizen - Why don't none you folks like us guys no more?

Anyone Else - We've realised that Christianity is a considerably less appealing religion than anti-americanism.
by The Prophet March 19, 2005
69 60
taking a stance against the american version of universal stupidity.
by not supporting the patriot act, one of the most unamerican policies ever, one engages in anti-americanism.
by alys March 06, 2004
72 63