The gift of choice to send to the ActiveX Controls programmers.
"Dude, that flipping Windows Update auto-installed another ActiveX Control on my computer yesterday. Now I can't even turn it off because it crashes the window."
"Yeah, I have the same problem, I bought them some anthrax for creatin' the damn program."
"That's not a bad idea."
by BluePsyclone April 16, 2005
A not-so-friendly nickname for Ann Coulter.
Oh God, there goes Anthrax worshipping McCarthy and spewing xenophobia again.
by LudwigVan July 29, 2004
The arabic gift that keeps on giving.
"Yay anthrax!"
by Tommy Vercetti February 04, 2005
Arabic Cocaine
I sniffed 2 grams of Anthrax yesterday.
by karog September 03, 2003
Kick ass metal band from the 80's. They defined rap metal, and were also one of the only two good rap metal bands in the history of the world.
by REDWHITEnCrue25 July 21, 2005
a loser that hangs out at ebaumsworld forum and no one likes him...
ANTHRAX is a loser!!
by Satin October 10, 2003

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