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Kick-ass 80's metal band, rhythm guitarist Scott Ian is probably the best known member.

One of the 'big four' of thrash metal: the others being Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer.

Contrary to 'ash's definition, the original vocalist for their 1st album (Fistful of Metal) was Neil Turbin, who left soon after to pursue a solo career.

The majority of people agree that Joey Belladonna was the best singer (Armed and Dangerous - Persistance of Time ERA) , and the rcent reunion is the best thing since... when he was in it before.
I went to see Anthrax play at Rock City the other week, they only played their old stuff, it was totally awesome.
by Damdam April 22, 2006
Adolescence In Red, the title track from Anthrax's 3rd album 'Spreading The Disease'.
I love that 'Thrax song A.I.R., but I don't know what the funk 'Adolescence In Red' means.
by Damdam April 22, 2006

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