When someone calls you everyday at minimum and has nothing to say.
Person1:How's it going?

A few hours later

Person1:What're you doing?

A few more hours later

Person1: Hi
Person2:STOP FUCKING CALLING! (Your so damn annoying)
by somerandomguy789 August 24, 2009
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someone who does something REALLY stupid excessively and even when noticing that the entire student body is pissed off whenever said person opens their mouth because they know something shamefully retarded is going to follow, the annoying person continues like everyone is their best friend. also mummbling and constant inward laughter are symptoms.
ezekiel: *ongoing rambling*

everyone else: SHUT UP!

ezekiel: *continues ongoing rambling*

everyone else: EZEKIEL! *groan*

ezekiel: *incoherent mummbling.*
by joanne g August 03, 2005
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The ONE person that always asks a stupid or last questions when class is over and it's time to go home.
*bell rings*...everyone's packing up to go home.

*hand raises from stupid person*
"ummm...just one LAST question."

*glares*SO annoying.
by Sweetiee February 01, 2009
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1) When People Capitalize Every Word In A Sentence.
2) Wen pepel mispell evry wurd inn uh sentance
3) Whn PpL typ LIK dYs
5) When people say "Oh my God." They are disrespecting God. Let me rant on a little bit here...
6) When people get into a huge religious debate when someone says "Oh my God."
7) When people contradict themselves.
8) When people unknowingly make themselves look stupid.
9) When people say something's annoying when it's actually funny.
10) When people contradict themselves.
11) When people repeat themselves.
12) When people use memes like Candlejack to be funny. It's not funny it's just unorigina
13) When people keep typing after using a meme that interrupts a sentence.
14) When people have a "heart attaHNNNNNNNNNNGH
15) When people keep typing after using a meme that interrupts a sentence.
16) When people repeat themselves.
17) When people repeat themselves more than once.
19) When people skip a number.
18) When people put that number after the number that's usually after it.
20) A bunch of other sh!t.
21) When people substitute '!' for 'i' when swearing.
22) When people contradict themselves.
23) When people repeat the- Oh, you get it.
1) Hello There I Am Very Annoying.
2)Helo tere ai m veri anoying.
3) HlO tere I M anOYiNg
5) "Oh God, I'm annoying."
"STFU lemme giv ya religious debated!"
6) You get it.
by Lucio Soph September 10, 2010
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When you are tryimg to sleep at 1am and your little brother is fucking talking to his girlfriend on his phone. Also when you can't concentrate because your fan is a piece of shit and it sounds like a Lil' Wayne Beat.
Me: Shut The Hell Up! It's 1am, let me sleep!
Brother: No!
Me: You are so fucking annoying...

Me: I should fix that retarded fan.
Me: It is so annoying!
by meVasili July 10, 2014
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irritating, frustrating, user-unfriendly, aggravating, and soulless-corporate-bureaucratic.
"It's annoying when, after Urban Dictionary publishes your definition, you look at the listing and notice that they listed a bunch of entrees ahead of yours that have more negative votes then positive votes, but they send the notification email from a no-reply email address, and when you write back to ask about this, you get an auto-reply message telling you that the address is not read by a human being."
by Lin Zhao January 24, 2013
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An individual who is too clingy. Forceful and just incredibly unbearable to talk to. Who tries to own you by implying you cannot have sex even though you are single and makes that persons EX very angry.
Heather. Prime stalker for guys.

ignorant unbearable
by Locarno August 01, 2005
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