adj.- described as intense to a degree fanatical proportions, which is most directly related to the sport of tennis, which if she could would play 24-7, even if she had a broken arm and leg, eye patch, crippled hand, pulled groin and swollen toe. She is also described as being boy crazy, cleaner to the extreme, having a sailors mouth and a big rack, which she hates. Finally, she is loved by everyone, even by those who know the real girl.
So i met this girl she's totally anja, true dat true dat, i mean did you see that wicked serve and that cool handshake she did.
by melvin part deux December 29, 2006
Top Definition
an urban goddess, an actress who is slightly egocentric but has a huge heart and deserves to be worshipped. she is hard to understand, but once you have gotten past her cool exterior your world will revolve around her. she is fully consumed by theatre, literature and the person she loves, whom she would probably kill herself for if the need arises. accept her view of the world, and you will gain the love of your life and never look back. anja is unique and fascinating.
"anja, i wrote a poem for you... do you like it?" - "i'd prefer not to talk about it right now." ???
by minionofher March 25, 2006
The most amazing hella cool bitch on the planet. Everybody wants to be like her. Most likely dating a Joe.
"Wow, dude, did you just see Anja?!" "Yeah, man, shes the best! Wheres Joe?"
by Cupcakesaretheshitlikemeh December 29, 2011
A compliment of the highest degree used in kettering and rushden england, Anja means to be the streetest meanest MC in the whole of k-town
Amy: 50 cent is well anja
Ann: yeah he is his raps are fly blud
by Anja Jane November 26, 2007
Noun - a nap taken in the evening, usually between 6-8pm. Only during the week, no the weekends, and taken on a counch or sofa.
I'm a little tired, I need an Anja before I go out.

I'm feeling much more rested after my Anja.
by sillymonkey777 March 26, 2010
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