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n. Animation
1. A series of stills or "frames" played in a series to give what is best described as the illusion of movement

2. Movement of any kind

v. Animate
1. The act or process of creating movement or the illusion thereof

n. Animator
1. One who animates
2. Popularly used to describe workers in the cartoon or movie industries who, using either hand drawn art or computer art, create the illusion of movement.

adj. Animated
1. Acive or expressive; used to descibe one who is expresses their feelings or emotions using physical movement or exaggerated tones of voice

2. Tending to exhibit significant movement
1. Although the movie hoodwinked had an amazing story, the quality of the animation was horrible.

2. All things are animated - no object or organism can remain completely sedentary forever

1. Though my movies are not always top quality, I really enjoy animating.

1. Pixar studios has many accomplished animators

1. Many of my teachers are very animated; they exaggerate every feeling they have, waving their hands and nodding their heads

2. My igunana is not very animated; it sits in one place all day only blinking and ocasionally sticking out its tounge.
by Airec November 30, 2006
An art term for cartoons. Can be anything that involves lots of drawings in so many frames per second. Usually is draw in 2-D, but lately 3-D animation like the Toy Story movies is becoming very popular.
Two major groups of animation are American and Japanese i.e. anime.
by Silent Greg April 10, 2004
1: the condition of living or the state of being alive
2:quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous
3:the state of being animated
4: <graphics> The creation of artificial moving images
Animating action figures and calling it “Robot Chicken” makes for a funny and strange animation.
by April 08, 2005
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