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A term of endearment for one who is simultaneously defined as either 'emo' or 'goth' and a 'gangsta'. A rare, but potent combination.
'Yo, Emil, stop bein' such a fuckin' angster, yo!'
by Professor Velly August 29, 2004
an angst-filled person of any age, but especially a teenager.
Mary has three kids -- a toddler, a fifth-grader and an angster.
by LaLaLander17 March 07, 2009
One who uses their anxiety/depression apprehension/insecurity to bully others. ie. gangster/mafia.
Paul is going all "angster" on me.
by Italian angel March 26, 2011
An asian gangster
'you see a wanna be gangster, who is asian'

"woaah, what a angster!"
by germanator. September 17, 2009
Any boy or girl youth whose fashion sense suggests an urban, hip hop feel by fitting like "gangster" clothes. Yet, an angster's clothes have emo and scene elements as well. This includes loose bondage pants with chains, very large shirts that have names of emo/scene bands (If they have dying, blood or Romance in the title,they probably apply). Goths are a common type of angster
Girl: Did you see that guy. I thought he was a total badass then I saw that his shirt said "Rippity Stab My Heart Out Unicorns Tour 2007"

Guy: Yeah, what an angster.
by Scookums October 05, 2007
short for angst artist(s)
Linkin Park is Angsta. OMG I hate the world
by Billy November 05, 2004
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