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When God and Google merge to give us every possible answer to every possible question mankind has ever had!
I think I'll God-oogle that!
by debash120754 November 05, 2011
When you pray for something that you want to last forever.
I'm praying for keeps that this time around I will meet my soulmate.
by debash120754 December 28, 2013
When Salvador Dali didn't quite feel like creating art and kept himself busy with other things.
I bet some days Salvador dilly-Dali just didn't feel up to taking his artwork seriously.
by debash120754 December 28, 2013
What your hair style or lack there of says about you and the belief that you are what your hair says about you to others.
Mary's current new "do" makes her look a lot younger than she is, but that is just hairsay.
by debash120754 December 16, 2012
Someone who is afraid of changing.
Karen is so afraid of changing she's become a metamorpho-sissy.
by debash120754 March 27, 2014

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