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Someone who hates the English peoples. This can be due to past human rights abuses, wars, racial or religious hatred or a good natured rivalry.
France and England have a mutual dislike steeped in history which is a big part of both cultures. France is Anglophobic and England is Francophobic.

Scottish nationalists would be happy to watch English children die because their anglophobia comes from a deep rooted racism.

Al Queda is anglophobic because English people are mostly Atheist.
by Tyburn December 07, 2007
Someone who is genuinely scared of or fearful of English people, or those who originate from England.

A person suffering from anglophobia is known as an anglophobe

Game show host: Congratulations! You have won a round trip ticket to England!

Anglophobe: Yikes! I suffer from anglophobia! Give the prize to someone else! I'd rather die than set foot in *shudder* England!
by SWFC August 10, 2006
someone who hates England, English language, culture etc
"bloody hate the english"
by honiezuk July 01, 2005

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