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4 definitions by SWFC

1. Bubba Sparxxx's popular rap
2. A product sold during Bubba Sparxxx's music video
3. A girl that used to have so-so booty, but then got it "ripe, right, and tight"
1.When I returned from vacation, the girl next door was no longer just "Ms. Thang," she was Ms. New Booty!

2. "Thanks Bubba! I love my new booty!"
by SWFC August 30, 2006
Someone who is genuinely scared of or fearful of English people, or those who originate from England.

A person suffering from anglophobia is known as an anglophobe

Game show host: Congratulations! You have won a round trip ticket to England!

Anglophobe: Yikes! I suffer from anglophobia! Give the prize to someone else! I'd rather die than set foot in *shudder* England!
by SWFC August 10, 2006
The moment in time when you pass under a bridge during a rain storm and the rain temporarily stops, resulting in silence.
The raindrops ceased to fall noisily on Tom's windshield as he passed under a bridge during a rainstorm. "Ah, he thought to himself. Drylence."
by SWFC August 10, 2006
To be good with a gun: a sharpshooter, for instance, could be classified as handy
Curley, a character from Of Mice and Men, was defined as handy due to his natural ability to shoot a gun well
by SWFC August 10, 2006