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Wanting to fuck someone because you're wicked mad at them. Can also be used as revenge, in a non-rape sort of a way.
Kevin spent all his free time with this chick and still she did not put out. Now he's just looking for the anger bang. After that, he'll split.
by cosmoplitan November 10, 2006
Angerbang is a term defined as the act of having sex with someone you hate just because they're fucking hot. usually penetration is followed by choking, spanking, etc. the end result is her liking you but you still hate the bitch.
you hate some bitch cause she's annoying, but you see her at a party and you're wasted so you pretend to be interested. she takes it hard. simple as that, angerbang
by Mason the Willis November 27, 2007
Having sex with someone for revenge.
"I don't understand why you had sex with Sheila, she tormented you your whole life"
"I know, I went for the Angerbang"
by Angerbang November 05, 2008
Person that you just want to screw, with no strings attached, but only because he/she would be good in bed.
Even though she has a boyfriend, my roommate would love to anger bang that hockey player.
by shadow24747 September 10, 2006
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