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a hot, sexy, amazing boy..who can be the sweetest guy, amazing in bed, but can be a total asshole.
Oh my god, that guy is so fine..his name must be Andrey!
Have you seen that Andrey??
Andrey is so SEXY!!!
by princesskk January 21, 2008
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A bitch that thinks he is so cool. But in reality he has no confidence at all, and likes to make fun of other just to regain confidence !
Just look at that guy he is pulling an Andrey
by Jattjakhnapatt December 20, 2016
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andre with a Y at the end
leaving people to pronounce it "and-ree"
another word for someone who isn't honest all the time
Stop being such an andrey
by ldsahfk March 23, 2008
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A guy who is sexy and seductive despite his gay tendencies and ugly overall appearance. He cheats on his girlfriend with a BOYFRIEND and has chicks on the side.
I really thought Andrey liked me until I realized he was cheating with a guy and 3 other girls!
by RosieHasaway May 14, 2017
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