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The best friend you can have. He's smart, creative, funny, good-looking, charming.
He has well-defined moral values. He is serious and reliable. He will help you at any time.
If you meet him, he will make your life much better.
Although impulsive and difficult at times, he is worth putting up with this.
Cherish him :)
Who was close to me when I needed someone?
Andrei, only him knows me that well to realize what I need.
by DKZDKZ February 18, 2010
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Slang term for "cool", "sexy", "attractive", "hip", "handsome", "suave" or "attractive to the opposite sex".

Given as a name, as Andrei or Andre, shortened to Dre as a nickname.

Considered as a suave or sexy name due to its french/ russian origins.

Sometimes given to females as a name but altered due to the gender. Ex: Andrea, Adriana, Audrey, Alessandra, Alexa.
" That guy is totally "Andrei". "
Translation: ( That guy is very handsome, sexy, attractive)
" Do you think these shoes look "Andrei"? "
Translation: ( Do you think these shoes look sexy?")
by Harvey Donald Johnson June 11, 2008
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Andrei is a Russian-Romanian short fuck who is hot.

He doesn't cheat on girls but he will mess around with a lot.
He is not inexperienced. Look into his non-innocent eyes and you will fall for him.
He does respect your boundaries but he's a hormonal teenager so you will have fun.
Andrei came and picked me up last night. We had a great time. I don't kiss and tell. ;P
by OfCourseYouWantToKnow March 29, 2010
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a teen slang for the word "cool" .
'woah that is so "andrei" !'
by yihee (H) March 11, 2008
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Andrei is the best mentor and tutor ever! He is demanding but fair, he is strict but funny.
Watch out, Alexandra! You totally forgot about alignment!! Andrei Zh. is gonna rebuke you for this slide!
by AlexandraEI March 29, 2013
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A handsome boy typically from Russia or Romania. Tall, muscular and very attractive. Amazing with girls, gets all of them. Basically a model. Also very athletic and intellegent.
'I saw a really muscular boy today.'

'Was it Andrei'
by Andreiul July 17, 2013
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Andrei is aften used to descrobe something cool or colosall.
by Bob the Builder101 October 12, 2011
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