A (cute) boy (not necessarily manly) that can be both very generous and a complete asshole.
"Hmmm that Andrew seems nice, but he can be such a jerk."
"How do you know?"
"I know things."
by counterstr!ke March 24, 2011
andrew is that guy in class that will make you laugh until you cry. he tries to impress everyone, and usually succeeds. he will always put a smile on your face with a joke, and even if its not that funny, you will still smile because of his charm. he underestimates himself. hes smart as hell and hes not afraid to tell his opinion, which are usually compliable. he always messes with his teachers, but they cant help but love him. he is very talented at music, and doesnt think his artistic ideas are good, when really they are amazing.

hes also that guy that you can talk to for hours and is great in bed. not to mention, he is so gorgeous. he is tan, with perfect brown hair and eyes you can get lost in forever. some may say hes an asshole. dont be fooled by his reputation, because all he wants to do is see your smile. hes also opened minded and he loves to joke with people, but when he really likes someone, he will be very cautious since he doesnt want them to think he is an ass. he is not an asshole, though. he can get secretly insecure of what others think but he is very good at hiding it. he can be the nicest guy you will ever meet.

if you suspect an andrew likes you, do not lose him. talk to him, because talking is his forte. he would never turn down a chat, especially if he likes you. if he thinks you dont have interest back, he might move on. or think he has, but he hasnt. cherish him, because he will always be there for you. whatever you do, dont lose him. hes perfection.
girl 1: That guy over there...who is he? he is sexy
girl 2: thats andrew...he is just so hot!
girl 2: hes so much more than that. he brightens my darkest days.
by swiggityswootycumin4dabooty March 21, 2015
Someone who is cute, funny, and sweet.

He seems like the perfect catch but is really an asshole.

He is somewhat shy and is inexperienced when it comes to relationships, which stops him from wanting one.
Girl 1: I really like Andrew

Girl 2: You shouldn't!

Girl 1: Why not?

Girl 2: He's gonna break your heart
by abd528 November 29, 2014
A fairly tall goodlooking guy
Lies about running marathons

Has really bad forehead wrinkles
Is sweet when he wants to be

Great laugh
Usually calls girls arseholes

Best shag you'll get
"man , im jealous she banged Andrew"
by Hsbab September 17, 2014
The biggest asshole you will meet . At first he will charm you and You'll be whipped. don't ever fall for him. He will cheat and cheat. Lie about everything he can. You'll think he means No harm. But he enjoys your pain. When all said & done he doesn't give a fuck. Off to screw the next girl over.
Did he really just kiss my bestfriend?

Yeah bitch. Of course it's Andrew should've expected it.
by burnhoeburn July 13, 2014
Andrew is a dick. He is the ruddest kid. He will hve a crush on you once in your life and then when you get older and "Prettier" he will pretend you the grosses kid ever. He doesn't care if he hurts anyone. He is an ass.
"Oh great it's Andrew, let's go I'm not gonna deal with no crap today."
by Tayo13 July 02, 2014
They like to run around in a bra and thong yelling TIMBER
Juli - did You see that guy in a bra?

Bob - ya such an andrew
by Hdjdn February 12, 2014

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