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Of Scottish Gaelic origin, (Pronounced On-der-oo) meaning strong, well endowed, sexy man. Usually given to the strongest most manly men in a Scottish Tribe
Whoa that guy is Hot...
Aye he's Andrew
by 11frkghsdfgy June 16, 2011
The most badass person you will ever meet. He's a nerd but he's best friends with all the hot girls at school
Boy: Is that geeky Andrew
Boy #2: no, it's Andrew the lady magnet
by Andrewlover12345 May 19, 2013
He is a amazing guy who is the nicest guy ever. He is FUNNY, athletic, kinda smart at some points, and AWESOME!! He dates girls with brown hair and hazle eyes. Sometimes he can be retarted but you have to love them for that. Awesome kisser, plays basketball, skateboards, and loves GUMMY WORMS!! He is prolly the sweetest guy I know. He usually has alot of friends and haters. He likes talking to you and telling you all about himself. He is sooo hot too :)
#GEE!!!! # Andrew
by #ITHINKYOUKNOWWHO March 23, 2013
Andrew is the best in every way
the closest thing to mortal perfection
born of Hercules and Athena

his name literally means "worrier"
he is best known for beating chunk Norris in an arm wrestle
"GIRL" hey have you talked to Andrew yet?
"GIRL 2" no not yet why?
"GIRL" well you have no life till you meet him
"GIRL 2" WHERE is he??
"GIRL" legend has it that he lives no were but has a home every were
by Girl_loves_Andrew March 12, 2012
Nice, charming, secretly smart, huge penis! Kinda guy that's too nice to ur best friend!
Andrew has a big penis!
by Cybercatfox August 03, 2011
he's a great guy who all people bow down to. hot or at least kinda cute.
I wish I was andrew
by tehyn7u March 19, 2014
They like to run around in a bra and thong yelling TIMBER
Juli - did You see that guy in a bra?

Bob - ya such an andrew
by Hdjdn February 12, 2014