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A very sexy hispanic man with a BMW...... That's right ladies a Big Mexican Weenie. Once you go Andrew you never go back. So try an Andrew out and fall in love with him.
I slept with Andrew for one night, and let me tell you girl, He's got a BMW.......
by Sick Foo March 17, 2011
Is a very funny guy but yet tremendously attractive. He is the guy who is a loyal friend and also a caring, sweet, charming, handsome, cute! boyfriend. He is the one to call when in need. He is usually tall, dark haired,and tan. Although he can be a jerk he is still generally a sweet guy. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, watching sports, and acting like a bad ass. But you have to love it. If your in the mood to get your head talked off about a deer or maybe a thing that happened a week ago and then wanting to argue about it; he would be the one to talk to. Everything that andrew thinks is freakishly his way or no way. He is a ridiculous ping pong player but thats probably because of his cat like reflexes and a hand the size of an ape. Andrew has the super power of growing a large amount of hair on his face to the point where he has to shave it everyday. Andrew is a guy who has 0% body fat which includes 0% of a butt. His sense of humor is somewhat magically wierd but also kind of funny. Dont ask andrew to take a picture because they will usually turn out quite the joke. Andrews feet are like two wool socks, they are large and extremely hairy. He has an unorthodox amount of stories to tell you about a wiffel ball game that seem like they last about a year or two.
by andrew barracuda October 20, 2010
Those with the name Andrew are the biggest sweethearts you will ever meet. They are kind, caring, and very loving, especially to those they consider dear to them. Loyal, incredibly smart, and funny, Andrews are one of the best people to have as a close friend. They are usually tall, athletic, and fairly average looking. Andrews have kind eyes and a smile that will melt your heart. They make the best friends and boyfriends, being that one person you can tell anything to. A bit shy and quiet, but their kind personalities overrule any flaws. People with the name Andrew are also extremely trustworthy and can always find a way to make you laugh until you cry. They will comfort you when you're sad or upset and always be there for you. You can always count on an Andrew for anything.
That guy is the biggest sweetheart I know, he's such an Andrew.

Did you see that Andrew today? He made me laugh so hard.
by CarReeRee September 20, 2013
There was a young boy. His name was Drew. Drew didn't give a shit about his grammar. His friends were named Adam and Owen. His mom was about to have another baby and she asked around for name ideas. Drew said, "Mom, how about my friends' names??" She said, "Oh, let's see... you have an Adam and an Owen... hmmm..." She didn't take either of those names into consideration, but Drwe kept repeating in his head, "and Adam and an Owen." In English class, Drew basically said screw vowels and used an "an" in front of every word that required an article. Adam, Owen, and Drew were so close that Drew would say, "We're like the Three Musketeers, except we have an Adam, an Owen, and an Drew." Adam and Owen were like "wot." and Drew was like "wot." and he kept repeating that same stupid phrase, "We're like the Three Musketeers, except we have an Adam, an Owen, and an Drew" to anyone who would listen. Teachers wouldn't correct him because his last two words tended to slur together, but they began to call him Andrew because that is what they thought he was saying his name as. And Drew didn't get upset because he thought they were just using the "an" as an article before his name, so he was content. Later on, about 14 months later, Drew's mom had her baby and it came out black. They named her Elaine. That is how the name came to be, all because of a grammatical misconception.
We're like the Three Musketeers, except we have an Adam, an Owen, and anDrew
by jooloo June 26, 2013
The term "Andrew" is a verb which means "to rip off someone in a fantasy sports trade by convincing the other manager that the proposed trade is extremely fair when, in fact, the proposed trade is anything but fair".
"Dude, did you see how I totally andrewed Adam in that trade? I actually convinced him that Mark Ingram was worth Drew Brees in value!"

"Be careful man, that manager like to andrew people."

"Jeez, he's been andrewing people all season!"
by dannyboy098765 October 19, 2011
A big douchebag with no fucking life.He plays every girl. And talks to every single one girl he sees. So if you meet an Andrew I would run.
Most Andrews suck
by FuckAndrew January 03, 2014
A typically nice guy, very sweet, but if you say anything to him or his friends he will go off.He never would cheat,EVER, and will stick by his girlfriend.He doesn't care what people think, and does what he wants. Has a good taste in music. Very loyal to friends.Very persistent and stubborn, and nobody can win an argument against him. Also is a good artist in some way.He isn't always liked by all but is nice to almost everyone. He also is logical an humorous
Guy:Andrew is a fag
Andrew: I can hear you, but i never knew I was british, much less a cigar.
Guy: Gay!
Andrew: Yes I am very happy, would you like to continue?
by Wrath53 September 20, 2011