The sexiest hottest cutest person alive he has great abs good in the bed room and has the sexiest voice alive.
Andrew is a sex god.
by hotgut September 30, 2011
Andrew is the best goddamn boyfriend you can ever have.
He's like the cuttest guy ever, and omg your the luckiest girl ever if you're with HIM.
- Omg i'm dating Andrew
by Myliulabai August 05, 2011
A funny, charming, sweet man. Whenever you don't see him, you miss him terribly. Whenever you're around him, and whenever you touch him, even briefly, you swear you feel an electric current running between you both. You gravitate towards each other whenever you're in a room together. When he looks you in the eyes, you feel as if the whole world stops. You would give anything to be with him again.
I swear to god, I am in love with Andrew.
by fjkdlsa;jkla;nek;lfas. July 02, 2011
A generous man who will comfort you when you are down. Funny, cool, treats girls kindly,sexy, and fun. Your lucky to meet a Andrew.
He's an Andrew
by coolguy152 July 12, 2016
Cute, usually on his phone in class, smart, great sense of music, fun to be around, hilarious, overall a fantastic person but can sometimes be racist and kind of mean
{Prachi} liked Andrew --for so long!
Andrew liked her back --but he couldnt tell her, he was so scared!
by Just-A-Girl-2 August 15, 2016
They like to run around in a bra and thong yelling TIMBER
Juli - did You see that guy in a bra?

Bob - ya such an andrew
by Hdjdn February 12, 2014
andrew is always a sweet, caring yet smart guy. he knows what he wants and will treat any girl the way they should be, with respect. he is very cute and will often send you selfies just to be cute and make you smile.
andrew is amazing:$
by lildawg July 24, 2012
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