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plural of the word "anus".
i looked up both her and Betty's anii.
by perv-o June 08, 2004

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The hole on your butt (see also anus) in plural form.
The pig anii were closing in around me as each one shoved their reeking butt in my face.
by Lauren November 13, 2003
Plural form of anus.
THose fanboys can go lick our anii.
by dj gs68 October 28, 2003
a two-piece psychedelic punk band formed in Tottenham in 2012, Zara Miller on drums, Ruaridh Summers on vox and guitar, Lily Attwood on tambourine and Robert Eaton on the castanets
anii are the thinking man's White Stripes
by LAZRR November 09, 2012