An Amy is a bored houswife that has discovered that she can use Facebook to cheat on her husband. She keeps up the image of having a happy home but is building another one with some dude she met in Yoville.
Dude I found out that my wife pulled an AMY on me..she is cyber dating
by Utah-rus March 26, 2011
A mega slut that will steal your boyfriend in the blink of an eye. Normally has fake white hair and uses way to much hairspray. also usually thinks she is better than everyone and makes sure her boyfriend is whipped. watch out guys.
fake girls named amy
by bigpappy March 21, 2012
An extreme form of slut, known for preying on other girls boyfriends and stalking them over facebook. Amy's are desprate and have massive penis's, they'll fuck anything that moves and claim they love somebody but actually 'love' every man in a 20 mile radius.

Amy's usually have problems with people called, Sophie, Michael, Abby, Imogen and Katie. They'll stop at nothing to ensure they make their lives miserable and try to take their boyfriends off them. Amy's also like to give out blowjobs like they're quickly going out of fashion.
Dude you see her?

Yeah she's such an amy.
by MrQwertyWarrior January 07, 2012
A very silly cool happy girl who has the intentions to keep her friends happy for life. When an Amy has a boyfriend he loves her beyond love and is told that he is the luckiest guy ever.

Amy's are usually bullied and teased about being such a drama queen or a bi*** about everything when she wasn't.

Amy's usually have mor male friends because the girls are usually to snobby.

Amy's usually don't get the BEST marks but usually above a c- or a c+

Amy's HATE school.
Boyfriend: I love Amy!

Amy's friend: I think Amy is HILARIOUS

Random bitch that hates Amy: Fuck her!!!
by ThealmightyLlamalord November 19, 2013
Amy's are just awesome people. They aren't for the tenderhearted. They are pretty blunt but that's only because they love you. They make the bestest friends and the greatest girlfriends. They are tomboys with a secret girly side, and they love nature and animals. They are always amazingly smart and they aren't afraid to show it. They have a stone cold outside but once you get to know them you'll fall in love with the sweetheart underneath. It takes a while for them to trust people and once they do they will trust you forever. Never get on the bad side of an Amy they can beat you with their eyes closed.

Amy will always share her opinion even if its not a nice one, but you learn to live with it and love it. They are once in a lifetime people so if you ever become friends with an Amy make sure to keep her close. You can always tell them a secret and never worry about them telling anyone. Some girls don't like Amy's because they feel threatened by them but that's just their loss.

Amy's are complicated people and their good always rules out their bad. They are sometimes nerds amd sometimes the most popular girl you know. They are usually bookworms that somehow make nerds look hot. They usally are friends with a lot of guys so dating can be hard becuas the guys think of her as another guy but she likes it that way. Amy's are3 becoming endangered so if you ever meet one you should know how lucky you are.
by emily3456 April 30, 2013
An old french name meaning "Loved" or "Beloved"

Most have brown hair and dark brown eyes, They love animals and own alot too!

She usually has friends that is named Hanna (Hannah),Kaylee,or Amber. Shes a beautiful and skinny girl but says otherwise.
Many Amys have been born as a aries or a scorpio, She has been always picky with her food or just won't eat much.
Shes gotten pretty much high grades but sometimes fail. She always will be the one who says sorry first.
Amy : Sorry...
Amy : I Apoligize!
Amy : I am so sorry! are you ok?
Amy : I'm full...
by girlnamer101 September 07, 2013
A person who is loving and caring. Loyal to everyone important in her life and is easy to forgive, but won't let someone walk all over her. She steals the heart of everyone she dates, because she is real. Very few girls often like this person, because they feel threatened or intimidated by her. She is also someone who people seem to obsess about without ever realizing it.
OMG, Did I tell you? I saw Amy's sister last night...uhh! I hate Amy!

Amy is the love of my Life!
by jonnylue March 21, 2009

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