A lovely girl who loves all her friends and will never cheat on anyone.
Amy is so sweet
by emilyr222 October 05, 2008
Somebody who will never turn her back on you. If you find an Amy, never let her go, because she will never let you go. Her beautiful big brown eyes envelope you- they distract your soul while her the rest of her steals your heart. One must be very cautious around an Amy or else one will find one's self deep within her web with no desire to escape. Amy's will always be the best friend you will ever have. And more often than not, you will come to desire to be more than best friends. You would be incredibly lucky if this Amy were to have chosen you to love, more than anybody else. Return this love. I know I do.
-Stay Golden
That Amy sure is understanding.
by Daniel Tiger September 05, 2014
The most beautiful girl you might possibly ever meet. Her smile brightens up your day and she is almost flawless. She may walk around like she's dealing with peasants on occasion but she usually is. She's a queen in every aspect of life.
by RealestNga December 24, 2014
A beautiful talented girl enjoys the company of friends seen to some as a good girl but shows a whole other side to her friends she likes sports like hockey netball football swimming not the smartest in the class but definitely the coolest and hottest she has boys falling for her one after the other breaking many boys hearts and spreading depression but overall she is kind beautiful sexy and a great Friend but can't be trusted with secrets a. Bit random and s limited edition
Boy: will you go out with me
Amy: no
Boy: wah wah wah(crying)
by Amy hatrick November 10, 2013
The most gorgeous girl there is, could get any guy she wants. Shes funny, smart, kind (but can be teasing)and gets on with pretty much anyone. People who dont like her just dont know well enough, and the people who do know her love her. If your lucky enough to know Amy, you'll know what I mean. She is damn near perfect, and as close as we're ever going to get
by EREEEEEEN January 07, 2015
A hot, sexy, flirtacious person, who has boys falling at her feet all the time, great fun, sense of humor,has strong morals. Mainly known for getting boys easy, at the click of her fingers.
Oh look it's Amy with another boy

She just amy'd that boy
by jaz.... July 04, 2009
Amy, a warm friendly person that welcomes everyone with open arms. They're beautiful, kind, brave, courageous and also sometimes infuriating but you love them nonetheless. They're a steadfast friend to keep forever close to heart. You love Amy and she loves you back tenfold.
Wow, look at that girl. She's helping that crippled person. She must be an Amy.
You see a girl laughing right along with her friends in the hallway, then an hour later with totally different people you see her laughing so hard she has tears rolling down her cheeks. She makes friends with everybody and people think "she must be an Amy for sure."
by Zammy987 April 05, 2015
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