Need a good dick sucking at Insomnia? Been itching to empty your load after a weekend long convention filled with children? Come on down and get yourself an Amy! The best succ at a conventions full of e-girls! Succ at the NEC, succ at the Piano, succ at the Subway, succ at the monorail or even secret succ at the Pub Quiz!
Hey man, have you got yourself an Amy for the Pub Quiz?

Yo dude I got a rad Amy last night.

I got wasted at the Pub Quiz and left with an Amy!

I was in the bathroom when, surprise! Amy!

I tried to get her off me but she just went all Amy.

I picked up an Amy at Weatherspoons near the green Piano.
by GooTheUrban August 19, 2016
Amy, otherwise known as wild child. A very creative individual that has imaginative ideas that fuel her entertainment. Has been known to observe the behavior of PPK's, AKA Prior Pudgy Kids and their condacending treatment of others within their natural habitat. Can be misconstrued as aloof at times but this is just a part of the facade. A genuine sweetheart, truly unique.
Guy 1: Hey man, did you see the way Amy treated that PPK?
Guy 2: Yah but that's just the way an Amy is....
by weeeeeweeeee$%@& August 17, 2016
The biggest slag you'll ever meet.
Person1: You seen that girl Amy?
Person2: Yeah, she looks like a slag.
by July 04, 2016
An AMYzing girl (see what I did there) very pretty, a common swearer.

ALTHOOO she will fuck you up.
Yo Amy really fucked my life up. She's such a hoe.
by Randomwhitegirlaye August 20, 2016
1) A person who grabs bikini tops off girls at the beach.

2) Another term to grab aggressively; steal. Can also be used as a verb.
Yo that guy just amyed my wallet.

I was chilling with my girl, and some Amy just ran up to her and performed grab on her top.
by someoneudontknow101 June 03, 2016
An ignoring bitch. She thinks it's funny to ignore guys who just want to be polite. Loved by her friend but not by many others...
I went to say "hello", but she ignored me, she's so Amy.
by staftje May 18, 2016
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