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a contraction of "am not". Usually used in a tag question in place of the clumsily formal "Am I not?".
"I sure am strong, amn't I?"
by YeOldeGnurd October 19, 2003
The combination of "am" and "not"
I amn't going there today.
by Jakigh March 06, 2006
Abbr. - am not.

To turn down/decline/refuse something.

Am not = amn't
"I amn't babysitting tomorrow night."

"I amn't eating that."
by Maya C September 30, 2008
Pronounced "ament". a contraction of 'am not'.
First used by a three year old. "I amn't!"
by wanda williams August 07, 2007
Contraction. Am not.
"I amn't an organ donor. Sry."
by lvngdd November 03, 2007
Amnt is the opposite of Am
"That amnt teh correct way to eat pasta"
by AnotherNobody August 02, 2004
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