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A contracted form of am not used at the end of a sentence as self-defense of an accusation, usually of appearance or conduct.
Mom: Jimmy, you're being anti-social at your own birthday party!
Jimmy: No I amn't! Go away!
by Billy Clark Decker January 28, 2009
a contraction of "am not". Usually used in a tag question in place of the clumsily formal "Am I not?".
"I sure am strong, amn't I?"
by YeOldeGnurd October 19, 2003
The combination of "am" and "not"
I amn't going there today.
by Jakigh March 06, 2006
Abbr. - am not.

To turn down/decline/refuse something.

Am not = amn't
"I amn't babysitting tomorrow night."

"I amn't eating that."
by Maya C September 30, 2008
1.Combination of am and not
Your Dumb. No I Am'nt
by Jesus Dominguez June 21, 2007
Amnt is the opposite of Am
"That amnt teh correct way to eat pasta"
by AnotherNobody August 02, 2004
Pronounced "ament". a contraction of 'am not'.
First used by a three year old. "I amn't!"
by wanda williams August 07, 2007
Contraction. Am not.
"I amn't an organ donor. Sry."
by lvngdd November 03, 2007