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A two word phrase that refers to an internet provider (online) that cost way too much and produces too little (America).
I use America online because I'm a rich dumbass that enjoys waiting around!
by DragonlordALS July 18, 2004
1. A term meaning the internet society using the original online program, AOL.

2. A crappy internet software everyone appears to hate that continues to suck.
"What the fuck is America Online? Some sort of telegraphic pole?"
by Chris May 16, 2004
(n);Also known as AOL,Satan,Devil,Evil,666,Spyware, Lag. Also see Bill Gates.

Optimize your internet experience
by smashing your monitor with a sledge hammer.
by Unchain November 01, 2004
The spawn of satan. It is said that it was created in the searing depths of of hell by nazis and an old european guy who never wears pants.
Boycott america online, lest thee be shot and buried in ye olde ditch.
by cerealtitties January 11, 2006
An internet service provider, who's software suite is written like a hardcore virus.
OMG if AOL tries to dial after I close the program one more time I'm going to strangle my monitor!!
by zip April 24, 2005
America Online is a Program that allows you to go online, BUT, their high ass prices and slow ass internet access suck!
AOL made my computer crash!!!
by Rockerone April 17, 2004
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