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What the filipino natives call pinoys that have that american swag that can still talk in the native tongue.
Wilnos: Yo Cpoh how is Jun making the pnays go crazy?

Cpoh: Yo Wilnos, its that swag man, he's just so damn amboy....
by wilnos April 29, 2009
Almost self-explanatory..but it is especially used by asian fobs to refer to an American Boy.
This amboy has no culture.
by Caroline April 07, 2005
Hell. Literally. Just outside of Amboy, there is a large black crater - Amboy crater. Legend has it that this is where Lucifer landed when he was thrown from hell.
In the Bible, it says that there will a be a tree that will grow in only two places on Earth. These two places will be the place closest to the entrance to hell and the place closest to the entrance to Heaven. The Joshua Tree grows in Amboy. The only other place that it grows is Jerusalem.
Amboy is also where Charles Manson was born and raised and it's the place where he committed many of his murders.
Satanists gather there every Halloween to do whatever creepy stuff Satanists do.
Lock the doors and windows; we're about to drive through Amboy!
by allans_angel_girl August 02, 2008
1 A place people are from
2 A way to describe people from that place by the way they dance
1 Im from Amboy
2 OMG, did you see that girl from Amboy at the party, her ass was everywhere!
by Jo March 12, 2005
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