being equally proficient while texting with either the right or left hand.
girl 1: i can only text with my right hand

girl 2: oh really? i'm ambitextrous
by lfazz September 09, 2009
One who withholds the ability to text with both the left and right hand.
I can text with my right hand like a boss.

I can text with both hands like a boss!

Lucky!! You must be ambitextrous!
by basavage666 May 06, 2012
Adjective describing the ability to text one-handed with either hand with equal proficiency, usually while driving. The act of doing this often called "to dextext".
"Your ambitextrous thumbwork, while impressive & a great conversation-starter at parties, will not save you, my friend, from another humilating trouncing from me at Tekken 2!"
by Dan Jeremy Brooks April 11, 2008
The ability to text equally well with both hands
Ron texts equally well with both hands so that makes him ambitextrous!
by Bettyfboop November 26, 2007
The ability to text just as quickly/accurately with the wrong hand.
I realized I was ambitextrous when the cheetos scum on my right hand didn't stop me from sending messages with my other hand.
by April Price July 10, 2008
the ability to use the text message or sms function on numerous mobile phone brands
One teenager is taking ages to draft a text message / sms message on her mobile phone.

Friend: Give it to me and I will be able to do it faster because I am ambi-textrous.
by Emer Craig April 12, 2007
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