The ability to vary between being a "top" and a "bottom"
"I figured out that during sex I can be a top or a bottom! Is there a word for that?" "Yep, you're ambisextrous."
"This person I was with went between topping and bottoming. He was ambisextrous."
by queernymph August 27, 2013
For a gay person, to be able to be both a bottom and top while having sex.
Todd: Are you a top or a bottom?
Dylan: I'm ambisextrous, baby.
by Asshole Astronaut November 18, 2010
Able to be utilized by either sex.
The name Hammond is ambisextrous.
by nodumbbunny February 06, 2005
-predominantly refers to male on male intercourse, in which a male is both a "top" and a "bottom".

-usually there are men who are labeled "tops" and those "bottoms" in relationships. this definition is for those that are both.
A: "Hey, is Nate a top or bottom when you have sex?"

B: "He does top and bottom."

A: "What?"

B: "Nate is ambisextrous."
by Sushi Guy February 26, 2013
Someone who is sexually talented with both of their hands.
Dude, they had to put both his hands in a cast because his girlfriend rode them so hard.

That's what he gets for being ambisextrous
by HessTheThird June 23, 2012
A person with the ability to behave as either sex at any time. Similar to ambidextrous, where you can use either hand to write. Could be a man or woman at any time.
He's ambisextrous... Is she?
by Cain_UK February 26, 2009

1. Slang term for bisexual.
2. Possible slang term for the ability to masturbate ambidextrously.
That guy is so ambisextrous -- some would call him greedy.
by Eliot Armstrong February 12, 2004

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