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a smelly skin sore that develops on one or more fingers tips after excessive tweeting. Tweetfinger can be passed from person to person by sharing dirty cellphones. Prevention of tweetfinger consists of maintianing healthy tweet habits and frequent handwashing. Treatment of tweetfinger consists of taking an antibacterial drug as prescribed by a doctor.
What's that awful smell?

I think it's my fingers...

OMG! I think you have tweetfinger!
by ebabe February 10, 2010
someone with a tweeting addiction. Tweetoholics are often in denial and need tweetrehab or a 12 step program like Tweetoholics Anonymous to overcome the addiction.
I'm a tweetoholic. I tweet, therfore I am
by ebabe February 10, 2010
people constantly posting on twitter
"Mel is such tweetmeat, she posts her status like every second on twitter"
by ebabe February 10, 2010
This diet consists of drinking alcohol all day and swallowing large amounts of protien.
I was having oral sex with Tony, cause lets face it once he starts it's not like I'm gonna tell him to get off me, besides I'm on The Snookie Diet.
by ebabe February 10, 2010
when a famous person hits up companies for money everytime they post something pertaining to that company on twitter.
Twitterhitter example:
@Kim ..wow, I need to lose a few more pounds I better get some quicktrim.

Kim is twitterhitting quicktrim for 10,000 dollars.
by ebabe February 15, 2010
a phenomenon happening when twitter goes down and all the tweetmeats freak out and over post on their facebook walls with boring messages about twitter.

OMG! Twitter is down!!!! I repeat twitter is down!! help!
by ebabe February 10, 2010
when you have spent a considerable amount of time in one spot tweeting and you need to get up and take a damn shower and put on a clean pair of underwear cause you stink.
Get your tweetass off the couch, you have been at that cellphone for hours.

I have major tweetass going on.
by ebabe February 10, 2010

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