Attracted to both males and females, and comfortable having sex with both genders simultaneously in multi-partner situations. Amibisextrous people are often comfortable having sex with almost any partner, group of partners, people they met 5 minutes ago, etc, with little restraint or pretext.

Not a synonym for bisexual, which is simply a person attracted to or sexually active with both genders.
I accidentally walked into the back bedroom at the after-hours party, and saw Joe fully involved with Michelle, Amy, and both of Amy's boyfriends ten minutes after he arrived. That boy is truly ambisextrous!
by Kiff March 20, 2012
the ability to perform a sex act upon others - or oneself - with either hand.
You can do that with your left hand too?! I love that you're ambisextrous!
by AwesomeTheCat June 12, 2011
The status of having both male and female reproductive organs. An adjective describing a hermaphrodite.

John: He wanna go play a game?
Pat: No. I can't right now.
John: Why?
Pat: I have to go see my doctor about my baby.
John: But you're...
Pat: Ambisextrous? Yes. I am.
by P.J. Fizzybottom March 09, 2011
1. using each hand well: able to masturbate or please your partner using the right and the left hand with equal skill

2. unusually skillful: very creative and versatile
I never knew I was ambisextrous until I broke my right arm.
by Dr. Ruth Pepper January 15, 2011
Being able to multitask sexually with your body parts on yourself or someone else
OMG he is such a good lover..that's cause he's ambisextrous.
by ebabe February 04, 2010
understanding how an man and a women feals.being relative too opions and nature of both sexes....
If you have an ambisextrous nature you would understand where i'm going with this?
by regardless devon victory March 21, 2009
A term used to describe someone who feels as if they are both male and female, or neither one.
"I am not a girl or boy, I am ambisextrous."

"I feel as if I am both male and female. I am ambisextrous."
by Lea Corbin September 12, 2008

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