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common misspelling of ambidextrous.
are you ambidextrious?
no you idiot, i'm ambidextrous.
by A New STD January 19, 2004
Able to use both hands equally well, rather than having one dominant hand.
Some people use their right hand.
Some people use their left hand.
Some people are squirrel handed, or ambidestrious.
Everyone is different
by Kenthar November 09, 2003
equal use of both left and right hands.
"I'm ambidextrious. I slap ass with both hands."- Ludacris
by Jade November 10, 2003
The ability to use either your right or left hand equally well in any given situation.
1.Andrea has some real talent when she uses her right hand, but that left of hers really brings it home. That's what I call ambidextrious.

2.Never trust those ambidextrious people, the ability to shake someone's hand and stab them in the back at the same time with either hand is never something to be underestimated.
by bAc0Nb0Y November 09, 2003
To be able to use both hands, and or feet, both with the same agility, Stamina and otherwise skill.
The bizzle was jackin me with her left and right fingas... Dat trick twas Ambidectrious.
by TheLicensedPimp November 09, 2003
Being able to write with both hands.

Pyschological definition.
- the left side of your brain controls you right side of your body and visa versa, hence your right hand is controlled by the left hemisphere of your brain. Therefor, ambidextrious peoples brains do not get 'confused' between switching from right handed to left handed use
This prodigy child can write ambidextrious with both hands while his 20 year old drop out brother sitting in his basement cant even spell crackhead
by Billy D November 10, 2003
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