A word used to describe someone who is otherwise indescribable.
Luke is the most amazing kiddo ever!
by boop boop boop December 22, 2007
1. word used by idiots in a relationship who don't know their bf/gf enough to actually describe them.

2. most used word, ever. besides pwned.
Jen: I love Bob soooo much<3 wanna know why? cause he's amazing.

Bob: Jen, you're amazing gurl. i love you.

Cathy: OMG. don't Jen and Bob make the most amazing couple ever?
Beth: say that word again and i'll jizz in your eye.
by donttttbestupid July 09, 2009
A much overused word that really should only describe that which deserves it. There are only a handful of people in the world that truly deserve to use this word in respect to themselves, but none of them would. This is part of why they deserve this description. Synonyms: Zoey, Lily, Sunflower
Some people just keep going through anything thrown at them. They deserve so much better than what they get. Those people are truly amazing...
by JustADandelion January 07, 2012
A word that used to mean something astonishing and wonderful. Now a overused generic term for just about anything. An adjective which really holds no meaning anymore.
Did you see that? It was amazing.
by arizonabay February 05, 2010
a person who is amazing is someone who makes you feel like the most special and luckiest person n the world at the same time, someone who makes you smile and laugh without any effort whether they are sitting right next to you or miles away.

Mike Lyons is amazing - love you forever xxx
by hollyjulietbondw February 12, 2009
Some one who is Amazing is really hard to resist. You want to spend every hour of the day with them. They surprise you and make you wonder what there next move will be. They are just irresistible and it puts you in a sense of amazement and awestruck-ness.
Nick is so amazing that Sierra could not help but fall in love with him.
by Mistt101 October 29, 2010
1. Christofer Drew Ingle's voice.
1. John Lennon.
Example 1:
Person A: -hears Christofer Drew Ingle's amazing voice singing "Love is Our Weapon"- *melts*

Example 2:

Person B: -sees John Lennon- OHMIGOD. YOU... ARE... AMAZING... *melts*
by reese loves ringo June 19, 2010

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