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Dull, Boring and Uninspiring - but you'd look such a dork posting that on Facebook so everything is *Amaaazing*!!!
Went to Julie's book launch today and it was just amazing and the reviewer, well he was just brilliant, like really amazing - I mean to be able to stand up and review a book for 35 minutes was just so amazing, and then the egg sandwiches were just so wow - they were amazing and I met this really amazing BCom student doing his Masters on the economics of coal mining and he was just so cute and gorgeous and amazing.
by Asurething February 23, 2014
Generally used to describe a person. For example a tall fit man would often be described as amazing.
Person 1: "who is that hot tall fit man? He looks amazing!!"

Person 2: "oh that's Ross he is such a stud!"
by Anazingness September 29, 2013
A person who has an incredible taste in movies, actors, and comedy. You must have mutton chops and wear flannels. If you lack any of this, you are not amazing, you are dank.
Bro, did hear about that amazing man over there playing beer pong?!
by msmads.b December 30, 2012
leslie griffiths is a woman who is beautiful, intellegent and funny. she can be one of the guys when its needed and is the most amazing woman the rest of the time. no woman can even compare. her beauty makes your heart melt and her smile makes you crumble. she has a heart of gold and a beautiful soul to match, no man or woman is worthy. if all women were like her the world would be a better place, since there isnt you are lucky to know or be with leslie, even being in the same room as her is a gift. also she can talk shit with the best of them, just an added bonus.
the amazing woman you always want to be around, no matter the circumstances. she can always make you smile and erase any doubts you may have about life.
by dirty D February 09, 2012
Mathew Millard
Mathew Millard is Amazing!
by Somebody!! June 21, 2011
A word that used to mean "very surprising" or "awe inspiring" but not apparently means "very very good" or "something I like a lot" especially when the accent is shifted to the first syllable.
"Wow that Taco Bell was amazing"

"You've gotta check out that sale at Forever 21. Amazing!"

"Just got back from the Gaga concert. Amazing!"

"My boyfriend is so amazing he just cooked me breakfast in bed!"
by The A-mazing Wordsmith September 23, 2010
amazing girl with an amazing body
michelle marie roberts is amazing
by hotpocket69 August 27, 2010