The boom shield used in Gears of War 2 for the Xbox 360. The amazing is capable of defending against boomshots, chainsaws, and even has a "banhammer" execution move. Works well with the Boltak pistol.

Commonly referred to as "THE AMAZING!"
Matt: I've got the amazing!

Jonah: Yes, now let's rape these noobs!

*They high five.*
by SAVExTHExWHALES June 16, 2009
When describing a situation that is profound, exceptional, or shocking!
Todd: How was your trip?
Chris: It was AMAZING! I saw a person taking a shit in the street!
by notgonnashare October 17, 2012
To have an amazing moment involving ejaculation and jizzing out of the penis. The feeling usually resulting in a deep moan or groan of satisfaction.
Hey Riley i had an amazing night last night with my penis.
by fatcatgoon April 05, 2009
That girl who you just get butterflies for whenever you see her. The one who looks beautiful without even having to try. The one who has the best sense of humor. The one who knows all about you. The one who you would crawl to the end of the world for.
Laura Marin is just purely amazing.
by dcheek2018 January 18, 2015
A word that used to mean "very surprising" or "awe inspiring" but not apparently means "very very good" or "something I like a lot" especially when the accent is shifted to the first syllable.
"Wow that Taco Bell was amazing"

"You've gotta check out that sale at Forever 21. Amazing!"

"Just got back from the Gaga concert. Amazing!"

"My boyfriend is so amazing he just cooked me breakfast in bed!"
by The A-mazing Wordsmith September 23, 2010
The relationship between two amazing people. For this purpose the Word is always capitalized to show just how amazing AMAZING is. True AMAZINGNESS cannot be compromised or revoked for once one person is AMAZING that status can never be taken away. Unless they start to suck of course.
Marissa and Alex are AMAZING!!
by THor'axe the Impaler June 28, 2010
To cause a feeling of awe.
Jena is amazing at everything.
by Valentius May 20, 2008

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