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Awesome singer, goes by the name of Nevershoutnever.

And all the names of his song are written without spaces.
17 years old & he;s from Joplin, Missouri


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
Christofer Drew played "bigcitydreams" the other week on TRL
by dare4distance August 27, 2008
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The absolute hottest man in the world(sorta)
He's so freaking hot!
Christofer Drew sang Bigcitydreams, making me moist.
by Vegas Violence May 23, 2009
A 18-year old that actually takes pride in music. Some of his first songs are mostly auto tune, but his recent songs are all him. He is an example of a artists that has grown in his music. Great to see live.
Christofer Drew's music is not like Justin beiber's.
by Heytheree July 23, 2010
Christofer Drew is a 20 year old singer in the band, NeverShoutNever. He also has side project bands such as
EatMeWhileImHot! & Gonzo. Christofer is extremely talented and attractive. He's labeled 'Indie' & 'Hipster'.
To summon him up in a few words: A Sexy Mofo Who Has Style<3
Karla: Damn, Christofer Drew is super sexy! omg.
Me: I agree, but you need to learn to appreciate his music, too. Not just his face. Plus, he's already married to me.
by Mrs.DesDesIngle December 09, 2011

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