middle aged man(skater or non) who is able to retain the same sex appeal and charisma he had 25 years prior
Katie's new boyfriend isn't some old geezer. He's a total alva.
by childofleroy September 16, 2003
Top Definition
A very beautiful girl with an amazing personality. She has all the qualities a girl needs, perfection, very wild at bed, she is funny, caring, sweet, with an amazing body that will leave you drooling. Girlfriend material. Her ass is perfect and her eyes are gorgeous and so is her face.Everything about her is perfect, she is also a very good friend, very trustworthy. Keeps any secret that is told to her. A very unique girl.
Dude look at her booty!!!
I wish my girlfriend was like an Alva!
by ribbzzzz June 16, 2016
"dudeee, that seven -twenty ollie was totally alva"
by flint August 16, 2003
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