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A wealthy suburb of Atlanta where the kids drive nicer cars than most adults and the adults don't drive, they are driven (or, just as often, the women drive H2s and the men drive insanely small sports cars). Chattahoochee High is the public high school of choice. There are no cool places to hang out for teens. People living here can navigate GA400 with coffee in one hand, a bagel in the other and a blue tooth in their ear.
The streets are paved in gold in Alpharetta.
by Curtis D July 10, 2006
n. a place, the true a-town. otherwise known as the greatest place to live.
i love living in da a-town, alpharetta.
by lovedasouth April 02, 2008
alpharetta is a great place to live. dont listen to those haters who think if your white and you live in alpharetta, your rich. it aint true. dont get me wrong alpharetta is gettin rich as hell, the southern part of alph. is pretty diverse, u got buses( which are limited in northern fulton county), hispanics, blacks, a good # of asians, my old neighborhood was about 2 miles from northpoint mall( you know those mexicans that get the crappy jobs? alot of them lived in my old neighborhood). it's pretty urban. the water tower used to be covered in graffiti. it was awseome. abandoned houses, im pretty sure the city tore them all down.. not too sure havent been there in a couple of years. and to set the record straight, it's atlanta! black people are everywhere! alpharetta awseome! u can go from 100 ft of woods to busy urban streets. it's great.
alpharetta is awseome!
by dr gmen July 10, 2008
A culturally bankrupt, strip mall laden suburban hellhole in north metro Atlanta. The area is rife with bland architecture, fake houses and corporate consumerism. A thorough example of everything that is wrong with American "culture."
Jesus, this place looks like Alpharetta. Let's get outta here!
by Uptowner July 01, 2009
the worst town ever. full of white kids who try hard to 'party', be hipster, fit in. everyone cares about popularity. if you've got common sense and you know who you are, then your immediately not cool and fun. most kids steal jokes from tumblr of LAST YEAR, and try to type with the noob talk. no matter what anyone says how they dont care, they DO care, i mean come on, its the cliquey and fake alpharetta. all the kids think they're so cool driving their lexus or bmw, when kids in the north got it much better. the towns landscape is farmland with a ton of strip malls. most adults are snooty soccer moms or cheer moms or w/e who are gossipy like those housewives of atlanta. alpharettas got a good variety of ethnic groups and lots of crappy democrats. to live in alpharetta, you must shop at hollister, flat iron your hair until you can see split ends, be insecure, and impress the people who dont even friggin matter. if you go to JCHS, AHS, RHS, or the 2 CHS's, i feel for ya. each kid is trying to become hipster by the second, the hipster style is really running out with these alpharetta creeps.

to be cool/"chill"(like the alpharetta kids say tr0l0l0l) if your a guy, you gotta have that fugly bieber hair, hollister and a soccer mom to cheer you on at your football games, which you'll probably lose because alpharetta kids are so preppy and wimpy its not even funny.
"so where you livin now??"
"oh my god! your living there still? hahahahahaha in yo face bitch."
"yeah im sleeping on the couch because daddy got fired at at&t and im not star quarterback anymoarr :("

shit just got reallllllll........../awk bomb/
by finding nemoo June 28, 2011
The worst place to live in Georgia if your're Black/African American. The population is prodominantly white with a few Ethnic races. If your're white and you live here your're rich.
Man I hate all dem rich white people who live in Alpharetta.
by Quentin H. April 30, 2006
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