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AST's are like female frat boys. you can find them on almost any night of the week doing a keg stand, kicking your ass in beer pong or doing a power hour. if you piss them off they will take one of their rusty anchors and show it up your ass! hottest, bitchiest girls alive
random girl: whos that slut doing a keg stang
friend: probably an AST, dont be jealous just beacuse they didnt give you a bid
by colin February 26, 2005
you can't spell fantASTtic without AST!
There may be a couple other words you can spell with AST, but this is a personal favorite of mine
by turtle 1 February 26, 2005
Founded in 1899, Alpha Sigma Tau is a national sorority for women, dedicated to promote the ethical, cultural, and social development of its members. This sorority has close philanthropic ties to the Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County, Kentucky as well as Habitat for Humanity.

They are your roommate, your neighbor down the hall, a classmate or a friendly face in a sea of strangers on campus. Look for them studying in the library, volunteering for local charities, working on campus, shopping in the city and proudly wearing their letters.
alpha sigma tau girls are gorgeous, intelligent, and definitely know how to party ;)
by beachypeach March 24, 2010
The hottest sorority known to man... best looking girls, best dancers, biggest drinkers... a parties not a party unless the AST's are there!
Frat Guy: Holy Shit, look at those hot girls dancing on that table, they must be AST's
by Liam February 23, 2005
Alpha Sigma Tau is the best sorority around with the hottest girls who are the best drinkers dancers and partiers on the face of this planet.
Holy Shit! Those hot girls dancing on the table must be AST's! I want their hot bodies!!!
by Regan Smith February 23, 2005
Alpha Sigma Tau has the sexiest wildest girls in it. If you are not out with at least 1 of them, you are not having as good of a time as you could. They are down to earth and crazy. There is NEVER a dull moment when you are with these chicks
One time my room got ransacked by 4 hot AST's and the spent 4 hours of a saturday night dancing a screaming in my room. A large blow up blimp I had was been tossed around and ridden. MY bed had multiple beers spilled on it and footprints on it from people jumping on it. I just sat back and watched in pure exstacy laughing! They were so funny!
by Brendan February 24, 2005
sorority girls who are known for being nASTy
Dude, you hooked up with a girl in alpha sigma tau last night? You better get yourself checked for A STd... those girls are nASTy.
by joelee123123 June 09, 2011
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