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attention seeking tool

a tool who is aware of their toolness yet continues to be a tool in order to gain attention
You AST!
by Grabill Mish May 11, 2011
Awkward Sexual Tension.

Typically can be found in the early stages of a mutual crush, or between two people who desperately want to fuck each other but for some reason can't/aren't.
mark: has max asked you out yet?
allie: nah we're still AST'ing. give it a few days.
by Icameupwith February 06, 2012
AST is an abbreviation for Abrama Standard Time. This time scale refers to a time that is unknown in both origin and duration. A person is said to be on AST when their ability to adhere to any type of standard time frame is absent or completely out of synch with Universal time.
Andrew will meet with us today at 10:00 AST. This means that we can be sure that the actual time Andrew will show up for the meeting will be unknown (if at all).
by DevHellOper July 22, 2010
Meaning "at the same time" in internet language.
Arnie:So ashy still sore after that butt whoppin?
Ashy: that sounds so funny and wrong ast
by Double A&A July 30, 2009
n: a business located in a warehouse in northwestern pennsylvania peddling electronics and no good outdoor books.
Oh man, I got fired from AST. Again! wtf!
by anonymous June 21, 2004
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