slang for the hallucinogenic drug AMT or Alpha Methyl Tryptamine, now scheduled in the US since 2004 but long prior available over the internet thru various suppliers.

AMT is unique in that in addition to its hallucinogenic properties it is also known to be a MAOI or Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitor.

dosage is usually 25-75mg. Anything more than that is foolish. it is commonly compared to LSD but actually is closer chemically to psilocibin or DMT.

the length of the experience is a whopping 18 hours, and even then one may notice residual effects such as visual distortions and other perceptual alterations of the drug.

The MAOI effects mean that, in addition to the dubious "benefit" of potentizing other psychedelics, it may also potentize speed and other compounds to the degree necessary to cause fatal overdose symptoms from an otherwise normal amount.

In addition, MAOIs carry with them a severe dietary restriction against eating foods rich in the amino acid Tyrosine.

One might induce a nasty headache or worse from drinking or eating any of the foods those taking MAOIs are generally restricted from.

Eating of these foods while on medically prescribed prescription strength MAOI's can cause death.
dude I took some alpha on friday afternoon and its monday morning at work and im still seeing colors around the edges of things... this might make doing customer service a bit difficult.

I got a whopping headache after I drank some mangoe juice while tripping on alpha the other day and it didnt go away for HOURS! Not Recommended!!!
by vincent black shadow March 06, 2005
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The head animal in a pack, and by extension, an unofficial leader. Often used sarcastically of someone who wants to lead a group.
George wants to be alpha, but no one takes him seriously.
by yet_another July 02, 2004
The first letter of the greek alphabet, also means The begining or creation"
I am the alpha and Omega, the begining and the end, the first and the last
by ????? December 05, 2004
Usually used as a term for a badass male who attracts women without trying. His superiority and pure confidence allows him to achieve success. He does not WANT, because he is the WANTED. May also be used to describe a "manly" achievement or situation.
"That guy is so Alpha.." - "How does he get all those bitchez?"

"That was an Alpha move, nice work lion cub."

"I was so Alpha last night, she yanked my wang..."
by McSilky September 18, 2012
The leader, or dominant individual, or pair, in a pack or group of people. The alpha may be male or female, or both as a pair. This distinction comes from studies of African wild dogs and their behavior. In many cases, the female is more dominant than the male and keeps her alpha position for the remainder of her life, whereas the alpha male's position changes often. Beta males tend to compete for the alpha position, especially among large dog packs.
Women want men to be alpha when they date to ensure that a man is capable of leading a relationship. We can learn a lot for wild dogs in our dating relationships. Be an Alphadog.
by Wing Girl Kim November 10, 2010
the letter 'A' in the international radio phonetic alphabet

also used in military radio slang for comanding officer or radio station
Tango six one this is alpha
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 13, 2003
Software undergoes alpha testing as a first step in getting user feedback. Alpha is Latin for "doesn't work."
by Eperdu October 12, 2003
A man of the fraternity of Alpha Phi Alpha, founded in 1906.
"The Ice Cold Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, are having a party at 10:06."

I went to an Alpha stepshow, they were great.
by Nikki G. December 15, 2003
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