Genuinely a 'one of a kind' man. Hot, sexy, suave, amazing lover, great fashion sense, honest, loyal, confident yet not cocky, has a phenomenal smile and the personality to match. Has a strong air about him that demands attention and respect and he accepts no less. Smart, strong, witty...the one woman that gets him should truly consider herself lucky and blessed.
Damn I love my Alpha!

This is an actual name! Publish it like every other name in the world is published on here!
#exceptional #perfect #amazing #loved #last of a dying breed
by Sum1BtrThnU February 05, 2010
1) Self-description used by pick-up artists who consider themselves to be superior, dominant males.

2) A rapist.
"Oh look, another alpha is trying to claim it's not rape to have sex with someone too drunk to count their own legs."

"He said that if I want to be an alpha, I should just push on through any last minute resistance she puts up."
#pick-up artist #pua #alfalfa #rapist #cumstain
by NestedLoops October 10, 2014
The best show on Sci-Fi channel to date! It's like X-men where no one is invincible or overpowered.
"Did you see Alphas this monday?"
"No, I don't get sci-fi channel."
"At what point is someones quality of life low enough that euthenaia becomes warrented?"
"I don't understand the question."
"No, I suppose you don't."
*draws firearm
#tv #sci-fi #television #awesome #ryan cartwright #warren christie #david strathairn #azita ghanizada #laura mennell #malik yoba
by Warren Lawrom Darado October 06, 2011
The Alpha is a sophisticated A.I created by Dr. Leonard Church, who was tortured by his creator to create fragments like Sigma and Omega. He is one of the main characters in Red vs Blue.
Caboose: What does the A stand for?
Alpha: Artificial.
Caboose: Oohhh. What does the I st-
Alpha: Intelligence.
Caboose: What does the A stand for again?
Alpha: *sigh*
#red vs blue #church #caboose #a.i. #leonard
by Spartan14087 September 21, 2012
slang for the hallucinogenic drug AMT or Alpha Methyl Tryptamine, now scheduled in the US since 2004 but long prior available over the internet thru various suppliers.

AMT is unique in that in addition to its hallucinogenic properties it is also known to be a MAOI or Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitor.

dosage is usually 25-75mg. Anything more than that is foolish. it is commonly compared to LSD but actually is closer chemically to psilocibin or DMT.

the length of the experience is a whopping 18 hours, and even then one may notice residual effects such as visual distortions and other perceptual alterations of the drug.

The MAOI effects mean that, in addition to the dubious "benefit" of potentizing other psychedelics, it may also potentize speed and other compounds to the degree necessary to cause fatal overdose symptoms from an otherwise normal amount.

In addition, MAOIs carry with them a severe dietary restriction against eating foods rich in the amino acid Tyrosine.

One might induce a nasty headache or worse from drinking or eating any of the foods those taking MAOIs are generally restricted from.

Eating of these foods while on medically prescribed prescription strength MAOI's can cause death.
dude I took some alpha on friday afternoon and its monday morning at work and im still seeing colors around the edges of things... this might make doing customer service a bit difficult.

I got a whopping headache after I drank some mangoe juice while tripping on alpha the other day and it didnt go away for HOURS! Not Recommended!!!
by vincent black shadow March 06, 2005
The best. A state of awesomeness or something that is the most awesome.
Dude! That weed was ALPHA!
by matt October 16, 2004
n. the leader of a given fraternity. Usually seen in the frat picture wearing Lacoste shorts and shirt with a Ralph Lauren sports coat, Gucci sunglasses, and holding a cat. He is usually sweet as fuck.
"Hello, welcome to the party. I am the alpha of this fraternity." "You're sweet as fuck!" "I know."
#frat boy #fraternity #greek life #fratboyism #fraternity man
by Col. Hans Landa August 01, 2011
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