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A male person that is physically and mentally superior than most other males, making him a sexual target for females. The opposite of this would be a beta.
beta 1: Man I wish i could date that chick
beta 2: its too bad that she's with that alpha guy...i wish i was as buff as him
by ekruor June 10, 2012
3 11
The primw. the ultimate. the leadr. the ruler.Uber
wow man that doobie is so huge its like the Alpha Doobie
by silwyth88 July 10, 2008
12 24
1. n. exclusive "club" originating from spring break 2005 on the Navigator of the Seas
2. adj. used to describe something very amazing/popular/fun
Lets meet up at alpha tonight for the dance party.

Spencer, Ty, and Kyle are a fucking alpha tripod.
by alphaaa April 06, 2005
4 22
Your really good friend. Your bud, your pal, your more-than-acquaintance, your alpha :D
<Smack> Happy birthday, my alpha!
<RotoTiki> Dude! You remembered! My bitch girlfriend didn't remember!
by WordMastar June 30, 2003
13 35
an ironic term used to describe a peevish, quirky male in his mid-40s who is: either a virgin or close to it, hopelessly in love with a woman or women who never think about him sexually, a complete dork who is unable to communicate with women or anyone else in a non-awkward manner (and who is completely unaware of his awkwardness), yet is nonetheless endearing because of his heart of gold & propensity for loving large aquatic mammals.
Onlooker #1: "Hey look at that dork talking to that gorgeous babe!"
Onlooker #2: "Is she actually SMILING at him? I think she is. Wow."
Onlooker #1: "Yes, she has that look in her eyes like she is about to hug a puppy."
Onlooker #2: "Oh I get it... That dude's not just a dork. He's an Alpha."
Onlooker #1: "I think he's showing her a statuette of a humpback whale.. Yep. Definitely an Alpha."
by Lilac Snitloch November 23, 2008
9 38
A male coward; A misogynist; A vile miscreant that wishes or causes harm or death to women; A gutless ignoramus. One who stalks women. cowardwhimppussysissychickenstalker
When Jimbo noticed the little Alpha harassing an innocent woman, he knocked him to the ground and beat him to a bloody pulp.
by Jimbo December 10, 2004
36 109