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To be very aloof. Taken from an episode of "That 70s Show"
"Aloofer? is that even a word?"
"It is now. We have the technology."
by Bree Gagnon December 06, 2003
a chick that takes a hot charlie to the face while giving a rusty trombone while shooting ping pong balls out her baby-cave while an old puerto rican man sticks a cucumber up her ass while he's singing "hotel california" while they both simultaneously juggle kittens through a flaming hoop on a unicycle on top of a tight rope. and she's a preggo, too!

once you go aloofer, you never go back
by they call me the Nut-Gobbler February 07, 2011
a hot,elusive female with a tendency to throw expensive electronic devices in the water- can be found most often poolside baggin rays- has been known to scare younger men
"jamie is such an aloofer-
by donn seidholz June 20, 2005

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