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greatest book in the world. one with all the facts
"What's an almanac?" Katie Houff
by cornpwn April 10, 2003
A Book with Loads of Information, aka the Greatest Book in the World.
Play 5 Game Modes and Pursue the Almanac!

Yes no Katie joke :3
by MegagirlNTWarrior January 17, 2011
The Book with all the Information..... and no it isn't a black book.. that isn't the main PHONE BOOK EITHER KATIE HOUFF
" didn't konw there was an Almanac?" Katie Houff
by CaptainCrunch April 04, 2003
Greatest book in the world. Yes better than the bible.
"What's an almanac?" - Katie Houff
by cornpwn April 03, 2003
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