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a nickname for alexandra or alexandria, differs from the original "allie" or "ali"

usually sweet, can come off as a nice person or a bitch, could possibly be exotic such as the spelling of the name, could be wild and crazy
"did you meet the new girl allee?
yeah isnt she a bitch
no shes way chill"
by sarait9090 February 06, 2011
a shorter name for alexandria or alexandra, and differs from the popular "allie" or "alex".

personality traits follow the oddness of this version of the nickname, including mood swings, low self-esteem, and a cowering bully. this person has a nice side to your face, but it's only a facade.
Girl 1: "Wow have you met that new girl Allee? She's pretty chill."

Girl 2: "Know her? I'll say, she's sucha poser. She'll trash your rep."
by megiepoo April 09, 2010
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