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plural of the word y'all.
all y'all better shut the fuck up before i get medieval on your asses.
by bigposerhead January 24, 2005
Plural possesive form of y'all. Used when addressing a group of 3 or more. Not to be confused with all y'alls, the plural non possesive form.

Sometimes spelled as all ya'll's, depending on what state you are in.
Hey, all y'all's car alarms are going off!

by MichelleW July 31, 2006
Southern (U. S.) expression used particularly to refer to a group of groups.
When taking a group photograph, the photographer might say:
"Ima Jean, you and ya'll short people sit on this row of chairs. Billy Bob, you and ya'll tall people stand behind the chairs. Now, all ya'll smile!"
by Ima Jean August 05, 2007
Southern slang for all of you all.
Are all ya'll going to be there on Sunday?
by makemeup019 August 13, 2004
plural of the southern expression "ya'll"
Can all ya'll carry me on down to the mall?
by TankGirl August 11, 2004
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