To go after something with intensity, anger or unbridled enthusiasm, often implies ownership or power.
After the game, the coach was all over the first baseman for dropping the ball.

I was all over that cake last night!
by skittlesyum July 25, 2003
taking care of it. handling your business.
Are you getting tickets to that game? Yo, I'm all over it.
by MisterE July 14, 2003
like a chinese whore
Man, he was all over it like a chinese whore!
by $dog July 14, 2003
its all under control, there is absoulutely nothing to worry about
boss: have u done those reports for me?
you: dont worry, im all over it
by kRyStLe July 13, 2003
when you are able to do something well
Why even play basketball against me? you know im all over it, cmon.
by Terbron July 12, 2003
Doing, or about to do, something in a very complete and expedient fashion.
Need someone to fix anything electronic? I'm all over it.
by Anonymous July 07, 2003
Your a dog eggin a piece of meat...
A guy scopin dat gurl out...
See that fine bitch right there, im all over it...
2. Don't leave food round me, imma be all over it
by AJ August 02, 2003
liking it, loving it
What? A green pinto with T.V.'s in the headrest? Hell yeah, I'm all over it.
by Mo July 31, 2003
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