An amazing girl who is always smiling, bubbly and laughing. She is really pretty and makes all her friends laugh by her unique, crazy personality.
"Who's that girl, she is so sweet and funny"
"Oh, that's Alice"
by youwishjelllyfish May 26, 2013
a girl who is totally amazing.she is absolutley beautiful but kinda kooky.shes crazy and is up 4 anything.alice is usually blue or green eyed and gorgus.alices tend to be very curvy and lyk to dress outside of the box.they belive in destiny and fate,they also belive in ghosts and mediums.she never really notices how gorge she is and disrespects her self a lotta the tym.everyone shud have an alice in their life.she is a rlly bad at sports but doesnt give a fuck.she will always be there for you an always trys 2 cheer u up:))<3
dude1:*realllly pritty girl walks by*woah.
dude2:well she was an alice.
by courtneyyyxxxx March 06, 2012
Alice is the most beutiful and amazing girl you will ever meet. She's creative funny, sexy and has personality. When she wants something she fights for it. She likes to always be right, even when she isnt. She's the bestest person you could ever meet! your life sucks if u dont know an alice. Knowing an alice is liek knowing the definition of all thats good in a girl. Alice is the name given to one of th emost beutiful girls ever. She definately knows how to kiss.
If you know someone called alice you should be the most happiest persone ever!!!! SO GO ASK HER OUT if you know one
that hot sexy amazing body girl over there, yeah shes definately an alice.
by jdbsxhjebdsfiuu2ejwas~pcvs May 27, 2012
The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. She's intelligent and appears quiet until you uncover the real Alice. She is a throw back sex demon who will take you by surprise. She's a sensitive person but treat her right and she'll treat you right ;)
That Alice is such a nerd! ... Me: if only you knew
by Mr Creme Egg March 02, 2013
Alice usually is a brunette with hazel/green eyes. She's very innocent and sweet, and is VERY cute. She has freckles, and a great smile. She loves to have fun, and when she doesn't, she speaks her mind and says so. An Alice wants a guy that will treat her right and be sweet to her. She has a crazy sense of humor, and loves clothes and makeup. She treats her friends extremely well, and keeps secrets. She isn't very athletic, but always jokes around with everyone. But deep down, she's sad, and extremely insecure about her looks. If you see an Alice, she's a keeper. Tell her she's beautiful, she'll NEVER forget it!! I'm dating one, I'll never regret it.
Person 1: Wow, who is that outgoing funny girl?
Person 2: I bet its an Alice, you can tell it is by her personality.
by Jaxson1995 February 27, 2013
Simply an amazing girl who will brighten your day no matter what mood your in. She is always smiling even if somethings not going right in her life. Friends are the most important thing to her and she is always there for everyone. Alice is also a daydreamer and enjoys doodling. All around an awesome person!
That chick is such an Alice, you can tell by the way she acts.
by justletitbe February 09, 2013
Alice means, pretty and pure. Alice is someone who isn't a show off but is always pleased to be with the people she loves and is very sensitive. She will always puts a smile on your face an does it with pleasure. She has dreams and hopes and will do whatever she can to get where she wants. She doesn't believe in YOLO just life. She is an all round awesome person with a clear head.
I bet that girl is called Alice as she is beautiful, intelligent and kind with a sunny personality.
by KindGirl January 02, 2013
cute, funny, smart, beautiful, amazing

A guy would die for this girl. She has a unique personality and she's loyal to her friends.
If you have a friend named Alice, you should be happy
by Megan Voucher December 11, 2013

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