An amazing girl who is always smiling, bubbly and laughing. She is really pretty and makes all her friends laugh by her unique, crazy personality.
"Who's that girl, she is so sweet and funny"
"Oh, that's Alice"
by youwishjelllyfish May 26, 2013
Alice means, pretty and pure. Alice is someone who isn't a show off but is always pleased to be with the people she loves and is very sensitive. She will always puts a smile on your face an does it with pleasure. She has dreams and hopes and will do whatever she can to get where she wants. She doesn't believe in YOLO just life. She is an all round awesome person with a clear head.
I bet that girl is called Alice as she is beautiful, intelligent and kind with a sunny personality.
by KindGirl January 02, 2013
cute, funny, smart, beautiful, amazing

A guy would die for this girl. She has a unique personality and she's loyal to her friends.
If you have a friend named Alice, you should be happy
by Megan Voucher December 11, 2013
A beautiful girl. She's often very short and insecure and likes it when guys take care of her. If your Alice is a redhead, that's a plus. It means she's very fierce and passionate. She makes a wonderful companion and an even better girlfriend.
Guy1: Hey, I'm going out with Alice.
Guy2: omfg, she's suh cute.
by watdafuqtech October 30, 2012
A super amazing beautiful fox that is super smart and looks hot with new glasses.... Also a term used if
You don't have a rubber and use a plastic bag.
I was about to bone but I didn't have a rubber so I used an Alice
by Pickles by the sea July 26, 2012
Alice. The one who see's all. Be very wary of this one (has great attention to detail when it comes to people and how they interact with other people. She knows what's going on. She is very funny, smart, crazy, photogenic, beautiful, generous, honest, cute and fun. She LOVES ANIME to the point of addiction. She is a real keeper, once you find an Alice your XP points are boosted up to 1000 (in other words she is one in a million). She is quite quirky which adds to her charm. Blue eye's, blonde hair she is adorable. Boys all swoon and they think "Whose that chick?" Everywhere she goes she catches eyes. She reminds you of a cat. Random!! She will not judge you, she is the perfect person to talk to, if you want someone to listen. She will support you and help you through tough times. If anyone messes with her she'll knock their lights out.

Overall fantastic buddy to have by your side : D

Everyone likes her. Except for the people who do not except weird. But she kicks there ass so.................

ALICE FOR THE WINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Random old lady: Hello there deary, would you like to meet all of my cats?
Alice: *In her head* ah why is this old lady talking to me? *Out loud* yer sure?

Guy at the shops: Hey there, I have noticed you around here. I took note of you because your the only young person I've really seen around
by DayDreamer96 May 25, 2012
Alice is tall, thin & typical blonde but with a good booty!! Someone with a good sense of humour, she's the loveliest girl you'll ever meet but she also has a wild card about her. She's very attractive and affectionate and will satisfy your every need!
Alice is perfect! booty blonde tall slim perfect lovely funny
by Sarah binkey October 19, 2013
Alice is a name meaning utmost perfection.

Alice is usually brunette with hazel green eyes.
Very sexy, intelligent and perfect.
Hillarious, not afraid to speak her mind.
Big booty.
Usually very athletic and musical.
Stunning and great in bed.
~woah, did you see that hot girl?

-Yeah she's totally an Alice
by jessicaallen123654 July 13, 2013

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