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Alice. The one who see's all. Be very wary of this one (has great attention to detail when it comes to people and how they interact with other people. She knows what's going on. She is very funny, smart, crazy, photogenic, beautiful, generous, honest, cute and fun. She LOVES ANIME to the point of addiction. She is a real keeper, once you find an Alice your XP points are boosted up to 1000 (in other words she is one in a million). She is quite quirky which adds to her charm. Blue eye's, blonde hair she is adorable. Boys all swoon and they think "Whose that chick?" Everywhere she goes she catches eyes. She reminds you of a cat. Random!! She will not judge you, she is the perfect person to talk to, if you want someone to listen. She will support you and help you through tough times. If anyone messes with her she'll knock their lights out.

Overall fantastic buddy to have by your side : D

Everyone likes her. Except for the people who do not except weird. But she kicks there ass so.................

ALICE FOR THE WINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Random old lady: Hello there deary, would you like to meet all of my cats?
Alice: *In her head* ah why is this old lady talking to me? *Out loud* yer sure?

Guy at the shops: Hey there, I have noticed you around here. I took note of you because your the only young person I've really seen around
by DayDreamer96 May 25, 2012
46 265
a bitch who doesnt care about anyone but herself she snd ugly girl who thinks she is prettier then she is and thinks everyone would sleep with her when really no one every will
dude she thinks she is so hot but she s fugly wanna b
shes an alice
by pink22567 July 27, 2011
4775 2928
Alice is the definition to "Little Miss Sunshine" because that's the type of person she is! She is a truly lovely girl who everyone would be truly blessed to have in their lives because she is definitely that beautiful rainbow on a cloudy day. Alice is the type of person who can ALWAYS put a smile on your face :D
Alice is the type of girl who would continuously give you a high 5 even though you've both missed about 3 times and need the forth go to successfully clap each other's hands lol
by Aliceequalsrainbow July 02, 2012
1263 628
Another slang term for LSD or Acid.
"Man I hit that bitch "Alice" last night and I was totally trippin.
by wadupwitit88 August 31, 2008
1290 768
sandwich - bag
alice means using a sandwich bag for sex instead of a condom
by corny feet May 28, 2009
1148 666
another word for someone with a small penis
alice has a tiny willy in comparison to meaghan who is large.
by MOGANTHEBOGAN September 04, 2007
1172 702
A slang term for the hallucinogen LSD.
Dude, pass me some more fuckin' Alice!
by xdarkxromancex August 16, 2005
1312 871
aka a.l.i.c.e. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) or in more lamnens terms, a chatbot
"whoa alice remembers me!"
by jawsofboredem February 01, 2006
1034 643