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a man who has a very large sexual agenda. somewhat of a manwhore - that everybody seems to know in one way or another.
ugh, he's going home with her now? that's the second girl tonight. what an alfie.
by yoyojo October 07, 2006
360 156
1. Someone who is invincible in a very cool way, and is also quite sexy, has a supernatural air about him.
Person 1: You hear he got run over by a train today?
Person 2: Yea bro i saw it, the train was mash up.
Person 1: I heard he don't even have a bruise.
Person 2: He must be an Alfie or some shit.

Eddie: Why did you ride your bicycle into a parked car?
Alfie: Its raining so I had my eyes closed...
Eddie: You're bike is screwed, how are you not dead?!
Alfie: ..I must be invincible or something.
Eddie: Oh Alfie

'No Alfie, no! You won't make it, nobody can! Its impossible!'
He looks back and smiles, 'You forget darling, Im invincible'
by thee dude May 01, 2009
146 63
fie, al-fie\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Alfie), is a variant of Alfred (Old English) and Alphonse (Old German), and the meaning of Alfie is "elf or magical counsel; ready for battle".

Alfies are the most lovely, sweet and gorgeous people on the planet. They're usually known for their brilliant hugs and lovely smiles, and how they will always be the guy everyone loves :-) Here are a few things about Alfie's that make them such amazing people :-)

The Alfie I know is:
Sexy ;),
Easy to talk to,
A gentleman,
and the best boyfriend ever :')
*You have 1 new message from: Alfie.*
Girl: Ehe, yay :3
by EllaGC May 04, 2013
35 6
If used in a 'girl' way then this means the person is Amazing, Beautiful, Pretty, Gorgeous and Her eyes are so deep, her hug makes you so warm and loved and her smile makes you so happy, no matter what has happened.
'The One you would wait all your life for'
"I waited all my life for my Alfie"
"I wish i had an Alfie"
by Brenzo November 07, 2011
55 30
Alfie can be substituted for any guy that is a player thats decent enough to try to push you away. One who tells you, " I'm not good for you", "you should date other guys", "I can only give you short-term happiness", "I can give you what I can, but I can't give you everything".

Based on the character Alfie, in the movie "Alfie". (2004)
Although Steven told me he was an Alfie and wasn't good for me, I still couldn't help falling in love with him.
by Alfiedoesvegas July 24, 2013
8 4
Alfie. noun. An underendowed, gayish, hairy, small, troll-like humanoid creature of Irish origin similar to a leprachaun, who is unusually immature and lacks self-restraint aswell as an attention whore. Prone to annoying people, especially members of the opposite sex, this creature is best repelled by a can of roach spray. It is to be noted that this creature has no sole, similar to that of a Ginger. Although roach spray may repell the beast the only efficient way of disposing of this beast is to behead it. An alfie also has powers such X-Ray vision for old men and nuggets, these are called Prostate powers. Be warned, this creature is dangerous, approach with caution and avoid rainbows.

2. adj. Mentally and socially challenged, but very lucky due to leprachaun qualities.

3. adj. Gay.

1. Noun. a. "Don't be such an Alfie or someone is going to spray roach spray on you!" b. "His penis is like a Rafael: small, gay, and hairy!" c. "Why does that guy act like such a Alfie?" d. "At parties he acts so Alfie, its really awkward being in public with him."

2. Adj. a. "I found a 4 Leaf Clover, because I am an Alfie I now have to go and fist myself".

3. Adj. a. "Are you bisexual or like, you know, just totally Alfie?" b. "Alfie Loves to fuck Leprachauns and drink Guiness in Cum stained glasses".
by DaBawsStables February 03, 2014
3 5
Idiot that leads you on. Will often say he loves you when he doesn't. A manwhore. Alfie sleeps with every one, wheather you are fuck ugly or not, Alfie doesn't care, he just wants pussy. Is charming and kind untill he breaks your heart.
Dude, is that Alfie's new girl?
Yeah, man, I feel sorry for her.
Yeah, what a user and dick.
by p-p-p-penis. December 04, 2013
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