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a man who has a very large sexual agenda. somewhat of a manwhore - that everybody seems to know in one way or another.
ugh, he's going home with her now? that's the second girl tonight. what an alfie.
#serv #walk-a-away #manwhore #labich #icma
by yoyojo October 07, 2006
1. Someone who is invincible in a very cool way, and is also quite sexy, has a supernatural air about him.
Person 1: You hear he got run over by a train today?
Person 2: Yea bro i saw it, the train was mash up.
Person 1: I heard he don't even have a bruise.
Person 2: He must be an Alfie or some shit.

Eddie: Why did you ride your bicycle into a parked car?
Alfie: Its raining so I had my eyes closed...
Eddie: You're bike is screwed, how are you not dead?!
Alfie: ..I must be invincible or something.
Eddie: Oh Alfie

'No Alfie, no! You won't make it, nobody can! Its impossible!'
He looks back and smiles, 'You forget darling, Im invincible'
#alfie #eddie #invincible #bike #rain
by thee dude May 01, 2009
fie, al-fie\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Alfie), is a variant of Alfred (Old English) and Alphonse (Old German), and the meaning of Alfie is "elf or magical counsel; ready for battle".

Alfies are the most lovely, sweet and gorgeous people on the planet. They're usually known for their brilliant hugs and lovely smiles, and how they will always be the guy everyone loves :-) Here are a few things about Alfie's that make them such amazing people :-)

The Alfie I know is:
Sexy ;),
Easy to talk to,
A gentleman,
and the best boyfriend ever :')
*You have 1 new message from: Alfie.*
Girl: Ehe, yay :3
#alfie #name #man #amazing #sweet
by EllaGC May 04, 2013
If used in a 'girl' way then this means the person is Amazing, Beautiful, Pretty, Gorgeous and Her eyes are so deep, her hug makes you so warm and loved and her smile makes you so happy, no matter what has happened.
'The One you would wait all your life for'
"I waited all my life for my Alfie"
"I wish i had an Alfie"
#beautiful #unique #pretty #gorgeous #sexy
by Brenzo November 07, 2011
A name.Alfie's are kind-hearted all through their life, they wouldn't hurt a fly(unless provoked) Alfie's always stick up for friends(even people they haven't been getting on well with)An Alfie would be the best boyfriend or friend they are, Awsome,cool,tough,caring,protective and they will allows be curious about things.Most of the time Alfie's are depressed so if you know one be Grateful you do.
Kid"Did you hear about what happened to Alfie"?
Other kid"yeah,let's go cheer him up"
#cool #awsome #friendly #protective #alfie
by AnAwsomeGuy November 23, 2014
Alfie can be substituted for any guy that is a player thats decent enough to try to push you away. One who tells you, " I'm not good for you", "you should date other guys", "I can only give you short-term happiness", "I can give you what I can, but I can't give you everything".

Based on the character Alfie, in the movie "Alfie". (2004)
Although Steven told me he was an Alfie and wasn't good for me, I still couldn't help falling in love with him.
#alfie #matt #short-term #no promises #unfortunate #manipulation
by Alfiedoesvegas July 24, 2013
I don't know why everybody who has seen a terrible movie immediately defines a word by that terrible movie. But before Jude Law took a crap all over the cinematic arts, an "alfie" was and always will be a "dog fart." Dog farts smell way worse than human farts. But dogs are better than humans because by-and-large they are much less harmful than humans are. So though their powers of farting assault our olfactory perceptions to the extreme, we have come up with a word that seems nice since the offense comes from the butts of Gods noblest creatures- the dog, K-9 Magee, man's best friend and companion. Hence an alfie is, was, and always will be what we call a dog fart.
Bandido alfied all over Alexandra!

Rosie laid an alfie, and I think it killed Alexandra!

Grandpa didn't fart, Fi-Fi alfied!

I put a butt plug in Max to keep the alfies at bay!
#fart #dog fart #alfie #jude law #dog #butt #poot #farting #alfied
by ledphloydgeuse December 21, 2012
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