The name of a fine homosexual. Often hits his junk against a wall to where pre-cum oozes, and then he puts it in a cup, shits in it, and then butt-gasms in to it. the name Alec is a strange ordeal. he walks like a walrus receiving fellatio. His thunder thighs sound like gunshots.
Jerry: "Oh, fuck. who is that?"

Steve:" I don't know, but he looks like a real Alec."
by Mr. Drag Queen February 15, 2012
Top Definition
the coolest person in the world. smart, funny, sexy,, just completely amazing. Most girls want him in the sack and just cant resist being around him.
damn, that alec is one sexy mother fuck
by alec p. November 16, 2006
A smart alec is generally characterized as a person who can take any argument, no matter how sound it may appear to be, and pick it apart piece by piece while offering large amounts of evidence to the contrary of the target argument, effectively forcing the opponent to realize he's a complete idiot. An alec will also mix in various subtle yet sharp insults, humorous wit, and a devastating amount of logical reasoning to add salt to the wound. This Internet personality is usually well liked and honored in the community for their intelligence, clever wit, wisdom, and strong fighting capabilities, even by those who are unlucky enough to be the butt of his assault.
"That smart alec is amazing. He's funny, clever, intelligent, witty, honest, and demonstratively loyal to all that is right and good. The only people who hate him are people who want to be like him." - Forum participant

Person A: That smart alec made me look like an idiot yesterday.

Person B: You were already an idiot before you ran into the alec. He just made you aware of it.
by Nichole M. October 04, 2006
Well, what can you say about Alec? Not much, but still quite a lot... Alec is a TOTAL pervert, but still fun to flirt with ;) Usually, Alecs are generally good friends with Westons (who are also total perverts) and don't know when to SHUT UP sometimes. But Alecs are amazingly adorable (you could say cute, but I say HOT) and tall and kinda strange. Usually, their 7th grade pictures look like he's a Hawaiian tourist... He's a good guy, just doesn't know how to show it the right way just yet. He will someday, hopefully. And, he's DEFINATELY changed since 6th and 7th grade, so don't judge him from those yearbook pictures!!!
Me: Alec, you PERV!
Alec: hahaha yeah...
Me: Oh well!
Alec: Yeah...
by TrixR4KidsYouTard February 04, 2009
A person who's personality is so incredibly overwhelming, he shakes the earth whenever and wherever he walks. The science behind how any non-physical substance can shake the very earth is unclear. His urine is made of awesomeness. That handsome face makes everyone tremble, and only those of strong hearts can resist urinating all over themselves for the next 48 hours. Some say he is Jesus reincarnated. Others believe he is god's other, superior son. Others still believe he is simply God. coolest person to ever exist in the history of the universe... this kid will blind you with the sheer power of his awesomeness... you will drown in the epic win that is this guy.... you will go into a permanent coma if you ever saw the true extent of that guys awesomeness... he is the smartest, funnniest, coolest, most awesome, most muscular person anybody has ever known. your mind will explode with even a glimpse of the endless shiny power that is this guy.
I saw an Alec walking down the street. I can't stop urinating all over my weak body.
by ALECDARE August 12, 2009
A sweet quiet boy, Alec's generally like to read and are very polite. Well muscled but slightly "soft", Alec's never fight. Alec's are not rude, do not brag, and are very patient. They tend to like Annie's.
girl #1: Ahhh! He's sooo sweet!
girl #2: Duh. He's an Alec.
by be cool dude January 19, 2009
The sweetest boy in the whole world!!!! If you met him you would be in ah!!! YES he is that sweet!
Katrina: That guy is such a alec!

Lilly: OMG i no!!!!!!
by hahawaitwat June 26, 2009
A kid who looks like an orc


A four inch long nipple hair
Dude i was playin lord of the rings and i saw an Alec!!!

dude you need to cut that alec.
by blonde haired midget January 15, 2010
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