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*A drunk dude.
"I need some alchy dammit!!!"
-angry drunk dude
by Dave April 01, 2004
114 96
a nickname for an alcoholic; see alchie
"Hey Alchy! How many have you had tonight? Thirty-eight!? Whoa, there! You need at least fifty to call it a night!"
by my evil half goes by 'Henry' March 04, 2003
222 108
Someone who consistently submits themsleves to punishment in the form of over indulgence in alchoholic beverages.
Elliot's an alchy.
by Jayz0r April 29, 2003
98 83
Drunks or alcoholics
Look at all the alchies at the bar
by DarkMyth April 12, 2011
5 0
An abbreviated form of "alcohol" ; pronounced "al-key."
Hey man, did you get the alchy for tonight's party?
by Ramona5000 April 29, 2011
20 18
Illiterate misspelling of "alky".
OMG u r such a alchy!
by palaeologos June 25, 2007
6 42