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3 definitions by Ramona5000

An abbreviated form of "alcohol" ; pronounced "al-key."
Hey man, did you get the alchy for tonight's party?
by Ramona5000 April 29, 2011
21 18
Decapitation due to the popping of a cap; in other words, decapitation by gunshot wound.
1) "Imma depopacapitate choo, foo!"

2) "Oh my god, I just saw this guy get depopicapitated... He was shot in the neck and his head came clean off."
by Ramona5000 August 08, 2010
3 1
Slang for tobacco; usually refers to cigarette smoke in particular.
Thanks to my chain smoking step dad, my whole house smells like Tobacco Bell.
by Ramona5000 May 02, 2011
1 6