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looks like alcohol is that hard to spell

Alchi is also used to describe an alcoholic.
"its better than that sherry i drank at your house"
" you drank that sherry?"
"ya but i think it was cooking sherry"
"your such and alchi"
by Jack Daniels rocks November 14, 2005
58 23
a really lame word that high school kids use to describe alcohol coz they think theyre cool
bbibandrei: aw fuck man bring da alchi to tha party...
others:piss off dude, youre a knobjockey...
by fagxor July 21, 2005
26 63
alchol, cuz alchol is way too hard to spell
you gotta bring your own alchi to this party
by tee December 16, 2003
15 56